Friday, January 3, 2014

Want to try out some piece of .NET code yet you don't want to accumulate clutters of solutions in your recent projects in Visual Studio?

I saw some answer on stackoverflow I need to try out:

static void Main() {
    string s1 = Regex.Replace("abcdefghik", "e",
        match => "*I'm a callback*");
    string s2 = Regex.Replace("abcdefghik", "c", Callback);
static string Callback(Match match) {
    return "*and so am i*";

But I don't want to create a new solution just for that smallish code. .NET fiddle to the rescue!

And what's cooler with .NET Fiddle, is that it has auto-complete, unlike ideone

If only I can try snippets of NHibernate, Entity Framework, ASP.NET MVC or SignalR on .NET Fiddle, my folders will be a lot more tidy :D

Happy Coding! ツ

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