Chinese words separator Privacy Policy

 Privacy Policy of Chinese words separator extension

This publisher declares that your data is:

Not being sold to third parties, outside of the approved use cases.

Not being used or transferred for purposes that are unrelated to the item's core functionality.

Not being used or transferred to determine creditworthiness or for lending purposes.

Privacy policy on user's Google sheets:

All to-remember (hearted words) dictionary definition gets stored only to the Google Sheet set by the language learner in Chinese words separator's Options screen. This setting is set on the field named Learning tracking sheet in Chinese words separator's Options screen.

Access to Google Sheets is granted to Chinese words separator extension so the extension can add the hearted words directly to a Google sheet named Words from the Learning tracking sheet.

No data are collected from the user's profile, not even the hearted words

Without granting Chinese words separator extension an access to Google Sheets, the extension will not be able to add hearted words directly to the Learning tracking sheet (a Google sheet)

With that said, the language learner can just copy the definitions (by pressing letter 'c' or right-clicking the heart icon) from Chinese words separator's dictionary then paste the copied definitions to their learning tracking sheet. It's not as convenient than the Chinese words separator extension directly adding the hearted words to language learner's Google sheet; however, this method can be used by those who need utmost privacy for their Google sheets

Chinese words separator will only use access to append dictionary definitions to a Google sheet (which was set in Options screen) to allow users to quickly add dictionary definitions to their learning tracking sheet, and will not transfer the sheet's data to others.

Chinese words separator does not read any data from user's Google sheets. Even on the sheet named Words, the definitions are just appended to that sheet

Chinese words separator will not use nor share the user's Google Sheet data for serving advertisements.

How access to Google Sheets is used by Chinese words separator extension:

Where to get Chinese words separator:

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Microsoft Edge:

Google Chrome:

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