Saturday, November 2, 2013

Managed code success stories

If you think managed code is slow, think twice

C++ :
million lines of code
40 developers
15 years
output: 10k trades per second

Managed code :
6k lines of code*
1 developer
3 months
output: 200k trades per second

* Wow! 6k lines of F# code (nope, I'm not cursing lol) only, my thesis is just almost that size. The realization that a 6k lines of code could deliver world-class solution to a world-class problem given using the right tool, just humbled the C++ programmer in me; likewise to my C# skills too

Thoughts on managed language vs C++ on the above success of managed code against C++ :

Of course there are more success stories on C++ too :

Happy Computing! ツ

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