Friday, August 23, 2013

Microsoft === Open Source

In my dream world, Microsoft is truly open source. Some years ago, you won’t see Microsoft and Open Source on the same sentence. But times they are a-changin’:

Microsoft recently made a change to their OSS page which now lists alternative web frameworks on the .Net framework which is great and thanks to Scott Hanselman for doing this.

And here are the reasons why:

But it looks like Microsoft is having a hard time breaking the old habits:

Just a digression on Phil Haack’s post, look at the acronym naming convention for three letters or more, Microsoft is pretty much consistent on it. Hence Microsoft’s Base Class Libraries acronym is named as Bcl, i.e.:


…, the acronyms are not named in an obnoxious manner:


You can also notice this on the latest framework for our world domination, ASP.NET MVC. Its namespace in the framework is not named as System.Web.MVC, it is named as System.Web.Mvc.

Happy Computing! ツ

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