Saturday, February 19, 2011

PLDT's malpractices, ticks me off to no end

I don't do rants on blogs, but PLDT's malpractices really ticks me off and compelled me to make an exception. They still don't act on my request to revert back my internet plan to old pricing. So, I just decided to make an open letter, to make the other PLDT customers aware

Dear PLDT,

First, of all, I would like to applaud many of your salespersons who are calling my home last 2010 and being honest when they are offering 768 kbps just by adding Php 300 to the bill, they know the fine print and they would let the customers know, they would say it's 768 kbps for PLDT WatchPad only, and 512 kbps only for the rest. As I don't want marginal increase in speed, I declined their offers consistently.

All is well, until last December 2010; one of your sales person makes a false marketing, she offered 768 kbps just by adding Php 300, and I explicitly asked if it's 768 kbps for everything, not only for PLDT WatchPad, she say yes, I even asked all the basic stuff outside of PLDT WatchPad, e.g. browsing, Facebook, Skype, Youtube, etc, if it is 768 kbps, she made a resounding answer of Yes. I reiterated to her that I thought 768k kbps is for WatchPad only; she made a resounding answer that it's 768 kbps for everything, not on WatchPad only.

You have sales person(s) who are practicing false marketing.

Please restore the old pricing, Php 990. You are making your customer feel disappointed.

To cut the story short, my speed didn't even increase in speed, it stays at 360 kbps. To add insult to the injury, I called you last January, and you said the plan Php 1,299 is 512 kbps only for data, and it's 768 kbps only for PLDT watchpad. And... you didn't even deliver 512 kbps to your loyal customer.

You only increase my payment (Php 1,299), my speed is still stuck at 360 kbps. Even you increase it to 512 kbps, I would rather keep the old speed and old payment plan (Php 990), 384 kbps to 512 kbps speed increase is very marginal, not worth it. Please restore my old payment plan.

Now, the last time I call you when I said I want to go back to the old pricing, you said that I needed to pay the disconnection fee of the new pricing before I can revert back the the old pricing. You said to your customer that the disconnection fee is 1,299 X 3 months. Now what, you made a marketing deception, and you are making your customer pay dearly for it?

Many of your sales persons are not aware of plan 768 kbps fine print, I called you many times, some symphatizes with me and say it's 768 kbps for everything, not only on PLDT WatchPad, and they say they will do something; and some say it's 512 kbps only, that it's 768 kbps only if the customer is using WatchPad. And I don't intend to watch on WatchPad, heck it didn't even run on an other platforms that's gaining traction already, e.g. Mac OS X

PLDT, the big company, please align your people. Some are unwittingly making false marketing, I don't know if the last one who called me on December deliberately fooled me, but I really explicitly asked if 768 kbps is for everything, not only for PLDT Watchpad, she confirmed it.

Your disenfranchised customer,

Michael Buen

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