Friday, February 18, 2011

ASP.NET MVC-backed jQuery AJAX ComboBox

Look Ma! No ViewState!

I've ported a PHP-backed jQuery Ajax ComboBox to ASP.NET MVC one. You could download it at

Ignore ASP.NET MVC at your own peril 1

Ignore ASP.NET MVC at your own peril 2

This is another quite debated point. At first sight, ASP.NET MVC seems to be a whole step backwards as far as productivity is concerned. What’s your definition of productivity? Being able to write 10 Web pages a day? I agree that if you take a quantity-based approach to measure productivity, ASP.NET MVC will lose the game with ASP.NET Web Forms. The “productivity” that the server control model guarantees is really hard to beat. But we are used to adding several days of maintenance and post-delivery debug to our counts for a project. This is largely due to the low quality of the code the Web Forms model allows us to write—most of the time.

Low quality is loss of money. The “apparent” speed (oops, productivity) is partly lost due to the extra work of post-delivery debug, optimization, fine-tuning, refactoring, and testing. An initial higher quality of code will take more time to get into production but will save extra work later.

Once you use it, you inevitably find out that ASP.NET MVC is highly productive—much more than Web Forms. Quick code of higher quality. It won’t happen on day 1, though, and it requires awareness and a bit of study. ASP.NET MVC propounds a quality-based approach to productivity.

"How to argue properly"

"Keep your friends close and your friends that can help you debug regexs even closer."

UPDATE: April 16, 2011

I wrote an ASP.NET Helper for jQuery Ajax ComboBox

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