Thursday, March 6, 2014

Rethinking C# interface's abstractness and OOP anemicness

Sometimes when we don't (I don't) have a full mastery of the language. dotnetfiddle helps

So I got to rethink C# interface's members as just abstracts too.. the following doesn't work:

..or perhaps C# should offer some symmetry as java, C# should allow override keyword on members of implementing class

Or perhaps I just don't care about object-orientation anymore and leaning towards more javascript, hence sometimes forgetting fundamental OOP concepts such as that it is allowed for an implementing class to add virtual keyword on implemented interface members. Me trying to forget OOP making me dangerous? lol Don't worry, dotnetfiddle makes me a less dangerous C# developer

And really, sometimes the way we implement OOP (or we think it is OOP) is not really an OOP at all, our OOP is sometimes so anemic

Happy Coding! ツ

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