Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Stored Procedure Name + F12 + Tada!

Repartee is something we think of twenty-four hours too late

Someone made an astute observation that the ap + tab + stored proc name + tab + tada (tada is not included, you have to utter it yourself :p) combo shortcut has a problem on scripting the content, i.e. it strips out the comments on the top of the code.

I should have replied that it's okay to remove those comments, those comments are just a pile of name(s) of the original developer(s) tacked on one after another, too tacky :p Those comments does not in any way helps a new dev on deciphering the intent of the code. Hmm.. but it has a use, it helps others on their witch-hunt on the culprit(s) of erring code heheh

But I would not give an answer that would strip others of their rights to maintain comments on top of the code, any preferences for that matter, cut the drama :P

Without further ado, this is the new shortcut:

exec + stored proc name + F12

RedGate will script back the whole contents of the stored procedure to a new query editor, i.e. RedGate will also include the comments on top of the stored proc.

Other shortcuts:

For view, type: ssf + tab + view name + F12

For function, type: ssf + tab + function name + backspace + F12

An observation, there's no need to put EXEC or SELECT * FROM, just type in the stored proc / view / function name directly, then press F12. Sometimes, RedGate is flaky though, type in EXEC or ssf anyway :-)

Happy Computing! ツ

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