Thursday, June 20, 2013

Musings on class diagram vs database diagram

Database(and data model for that matter) look flat. If developers are looking at database diagram, it often gives a feel of leaky abstraction especially that the mental model of querying and saving the business entities is done via domain model. It’s hard to grasp a richer context of the whole business when looking at database diagram. Class Diagram provides richer context

it would be a lot better for developers to see the bigger picture via class diagram, not via database diagram, it’s easier and intuitive to grasp business entities/needs via class diagram (the domain model for that matter). This is in line with operating in the mental model of ”There’s No Database”. The developer’s mind can seamlessly work with the domain models when looking at class diagram more.

Ayende often uses class diagram. Class diagram paints a thousand words. And we don’t have to use F12 (Control+click or Control+B if using ReSharper) on a class references/collections to navigate around the domain models when we have a class diagram.

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