Monday, January 23, 2012

Web Sharing not working with mod_mono

If Web Sharing is not working after you upgraded to Lion, and you happen to configured ASP.NET Mono on your Snow Leopard before. Just do these 5 steps:

1. download the latest mod_mono Apache module

2. extract the content of the archive

3. do these on Terminal:

sudo make install

4. Click Web Sharing

5. No step five. Voila! Happy .NET computing on Mac and Mono again

No tedious steps taken, if the above steps doesn't work for you. Try this:

How to rule out that it is not a problem on Apache per se (most articles explain how to fix Apache itself) ? Use sudo apachectl configtest. Using that, I saw error message on httpd.conf regarding Mono, that makes googling easier for me, I narrowed down my search, and arrived on stackoverflow's solution.

P.S. I forgot to copy the exact mod_mono error on httpd.conf, it's something like: syntax error on httpd.conf dlopen

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