Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Javascript object-based programming for C# object-oriented programmers


    function individual(msg) // class individual
    { = msg;    // mx is a public property of class individual instance
        var zuper = + '!'; // zuper is a private property of class individual instance
        = function() { // public method
        this.showSomething = function() { // public method
        function quick() { // private method

    var x = new individual("Hello");
    var y = new individual("World");
    alert(; // shows Hello
    alert(; // shows World
    alert(x.zuper); // shows undefined    
    y.zuper = "xxx"; // but this one creates a different instance of outside zuper on y's instance, but this is different from y's inside zuper
    alert(y.zuper); // shows xxx
    ; // shows "Hello!"; // to prove that the outside zuper instance on y is different from inside(acts like a private property), this will not show "xxx", this shows "World!"
    y.something = "George"; // you can attach properties on javascript's object on whim
    y.showSomething(); // shows "George"
    y.quick(); // this will make javascript terminate silently
    alert("Not shown"); // won't get executed 

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