Friday, December 3, 2010

Unix transport error when unit testing NHibernate for Postgresql under Mono

If you happen to encounter the following error while doing unit testing for NHibernate for Postgresql under Mono...

Internal error
        RemotingException: Unix transport error.

...Change your Npgsql version to a Mono one, then that error won't happen.

That error will appear on unit testing if you are using MS .NET version of Npgsql (example: under Mono. When unit testing under Mono, you must use Mono version of Npgsql (example:

Weird problem, the error only appear when the code is run under Unit Testing(built-in in MonoDevelop). But when run independently, MS .NET version of Npgsql will run just fine under Mono. Anyway, to make matters simple, use Mono version of the component if you are building Mono stuff

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